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January 8, 2015

Guilt free, legal music streaming for your workplace – Rdio

Hands-down best of the music streaming websites in South Africa.

Music for your Workspace

As a creative, listening to music when I’m working is essential to getting the creative juices flowing. Problem is, I recently deleted ALL my pirated music, which was pretty much my entire music collection! With this, my guilt was washed away… and perhaps, my creative muse; music.

Well, what next? I can’t afford to buy a lot of music… and listening to Radio, you might like 1 out of every 10 songs with annoying adds in between. And so, the search began… and I found Rdio, the hands-down best music streaming websites in South Africa.

Rdio is a legal music streaming which pays the artists’ labels a certain amount every time one of their songs is played or a percentage from the pool of money earned from monthly subscriptions. Now I can listen to my favourite musicians and know they are making at least some money from me.


Now you might be wondering, how does Rdio work?

I’m going to cover how it all works and some of the features and concerns you may have. Alternatively, you could check it out for yourself – the first 6 months are free!

  1. Price.
  2. Data Consumption.
  3. Do the artists get paid well?
  4. Can I find all my favourite music?
  5. Functionality and features.


1. How much does it cost?

It’s FREE for the first 6 months! OMG!

Free Trial for 6 months - Rdio - Best Music Streaming Websites In South Africa

So really… How much does it cost? From only R25 a month!!!
That equals R300 per year. That is the equivalent of buying 2 physical CDs per year!

Pricing - Rdio - Best Music Streaming Websites In South Africa


2. Won’t it chow my data?

One of the greatest features of Rdio is the ability to adjust the quality of the streaming. Change the setting once and never have to worry about changing it again unlike streaming Youtube videos. I recommend a data package of no less than 20GB per month. My internet speed is up to 4MB per second and I rarely have any streaming issues.

Settings - Streaming Quality - Save Data - Rdio - Cheap, Guilt-Free, Best Music Streaming Website South Africa


3. Do artists get paid well from Rdio and other streaming websites?

Short answer; not really, but they certainly make more money than from illegally pirated downloads. Rdio is a service that really benefits the consumer (And probably the record labels) more than the artist, but this is nothing new. For more info on how much artists make from Rdio and other streaming sites, read some of the following articles: Information is BeautifulDigital Music News and Rolling Stone.


4. Does Rdio have a large range of music?

With on-demand access to over 30 million songs, you’ll probably be able to find all of the music you like. Only one popular album I wanted to listen to was not available on Rdio.


5. Functionality and features:

Rdio is, in my opinion, the best digital music streaming website available in South Africa. It’s super easy to use with a simple and beautiful user interface. You can quickly create a library of your favourite albums, songs, musicians, genres and even playlists.

For me, the best feature of Rdio is it’s ability to intuitively help me discover new music based on my favourited artists, albums and songs.

Feature 1: Beautiful User Interface: Album View

Andy Mineo Album Screen - Rdio - Cheap, Guilt-Free, Best Music Streaming Websites in South Africa

Feature 2: Browse Stations – Music for your mood.

Browse Stations to suit your mood - Rdio - Best Music Streaming Websites In South Africa

Feature 3: Favourites – Your personal music library.
Just find your favourite Artists, songs and albums and click on the heart button on the bottom left corner of the thumbnail image to add to your favourites. This is probably where you’ll spend most of your time on Rdio.

Favourites - Rdio - Best Music Streaming Websites In South Africa

Feature 4: Rdio helps you find new music you will probably love by recommending music it knows you like and listen to:

Recommendations - Rdio - Best Music Streaming Websites In South Africa

Feature 5:Your very own, personalised music station: Move the slider to adventurous to discover new music:

Your Station, DanielFM, Playlists - Screenshot - Rdio - Best Music Streaming Websites In South Africa

I’ve only scratched the surface of what Rdio can do. The only way to you’ll ‘get it’ is to try it for yourself!

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About the author:

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— Daniel Skaftouros

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