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His People Church Posters

Art Direction, Design & Illustration.


Stop and think

His People Church Durban commissioned me to design a series of posters to be displayed at various university campus grounds. The aim of the posters was to raise awareness of the Sunday services being run by the church on campus, meanwhile conveying it as vibrant and relevant. With posters, one only has a few moments to connect with the audience, therefore my concept consisted of a bold question paired with an image of a famous celebrity. This would catch the readers attention and evoke a need to explore ones spirituality.

His People Church Durban

Software Used:
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign

Parallax BG Poster Design


The Creative Process

1. Decide on the purpose.
2. Collaboration and brainstorming.
3. Design style, reference and inspiration.
4. Play time; design.
5. Produce and finesse.


The final result


Poster Design - Amy Winehouse

Poster Design - Christiano Ronaldo
Poster Design - Tiger Woods
Poster Design - Hollywood



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