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Logo and Corporate Profile Design

Absolut Retail Solutions is Retail Development business servicing the South African retail sector. They provide a holistic service that sees a project through from planning and design, to construction and finishing.


  1. Redesign the company logo, giving the brand a professional and unique identity, in-line with it’s service offering.
  2. Create an 8 page corporate profile that could be used for digital use and in print.

Absolut Logo design corporation icon Absolut Logo design primary logoAbsolut Logo design reversedAbsolut Logo design font spacingAbsolut Logo design icon growthAbsolut Logo design color palleteAbsolut Logo design font pairingAbsolut-Logo-design-brochure-muckup1 Absolut Logo design brochure mock up back coverAbsolut Logo design brochure mockupAbsolut Logo design corporation icon white

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